Embracing Uncertainty

Artist in Residence: Natalie Hinahara – guest blogger by Haptic Studio and Residency inaugural creative, Natlie Hinahara What a joy it was to be the first guinea pig of the Haptic Studio and Residency! If you’re reading this, you may know that the Haptic Studio and Residency (HSR) space is below Cathi Schwalbe’s home in Lincoln Square, Chicago. It includes … Read More

Haptic Studios Residency

Calling all writers, visual artists, arts administrators, and others with a creative spirit: please consider a stay in Haptic Studios Residency (HSR) for your next desired get away. Creatives, kindly listen up:  Many creatives need a temporary space for short or longer periods of time.  Sometimes that space is in response to needing a fresh environment.  Sometimes there is a … Read More

Mending a Nation (in protest)

On view now at SouthShore Arts, through August 27, 2022, is a stellar array of works centered on the theme “Nature Lovers.” So many respected artists and such wonderful works in conversation with each other, curated by the creative force of Linda Dorman and Tom Torluemke, curators, writer, photographer, and organizer and artist and stellar gardener, respectively. Featured artists include: … Read More

The ebb and flow of mending continues – Mosnart of Historic Pullman up next!

Thought I might share an update and information about my upcoming Visiting Artist event at Mosnart. Before and After – Mending a life after a pandemic or some other catastrophic event in in your life, and my completed installation for Fermentation Fest 2021 titled: Mending Waters – Mending Soil – Mending Lives. In my previous post, I shared some preliminary … Read More

mending water * mending soil * mending lives

Greetings. Wanted to share an update and debut of two new works. 1. Mending Boxes – part art part function. 2. Mending Soil * Mending Water * Mending Lives – an installation at Witwen Campground during the 2021 Fermentation Fest: Grasslands Edition. The Mending Boxes – edition of 10 will debut at the 2021 Fermentation Fest: Grasslands Edition. (Please, click … Read More

TRUTH in the Winter of our Lives

A perfect day to share an image of my work, a winter iteration of TRUTH in the Driftless Region (2012/2013). I made the work for the first Art DTour in 2012, and the Wormfarm Institute. It was autumn and the landscape wonderfully distracting. I was at the end of my 27 year marriage, seeking truth, and the open sky and … Read More

Let us give Thanks

I received a text message the other day, with one of my dinner plates attached, asking about food safety. Pictured: Corn Fossil plate with shino glaze, iron oxides and a lovely amount of carbon trapping. Also, for inquiries, don’t hesitate to send a message me for details. I assured the person that the glaze, a lovely Shino, was indeed food … Read More

Hotel Dada and the International Fluxfest 2020

(Mostly) unprecedented times leads to unprecedented actions. No different with the need and want to create. In the spirit of Fluxus, reflection and adaptation, response to and creation of absurdity and wonder, a few dozen international creatives met on Jitsi to share a score under five minutes. Most were live. Some were created and recorded for the event. A big … Read More

Declaration our Interdependence

Time for my annual Declaration of Interdependence. That whole independence thing is an illusion. These days of a pandemic, with no end in sight; These days of reckoning of our nation’s past; These days of mask wearing – or not; These days of marching; These days of the much necessary toppling of renditions of fellow humans that should never have … Read More