2023 will be bringing on some new direction

Please watch here for updates. An updated artist statement, new web address, design changes, new email, updated content, my first pro head shot, updated website, heck, who knows what else? Sometimes I can’t stand the excitement! ūüėČ Just like that: cathi@catherineschwalbe.com Watch for it cuz it is already happening. Thanks for your patience and interest. Always, Cathi

Haptic Studios Residency

Calling all writers, visual artists, arts administrators, and others with a creative spirit: please consider a stay in Haptic Studios Residency (HSR) for your next desired get away. Creatives, kindly listen up:  Many creatives need a temporary space for short or longer periods of time.  Sometimes that space is in response to needing a fresh environment.  Sometimes there is a … Read More

Mending a Nation (in protest)

On view now at SouthShore Arts, through August 27, 2022, is a stellar array of works centered on the theme “Nature Lovers.” So many respected artists and such wonderful works in conversation with each other, curated by the creative force of Linda Dorman and Tom Torluemke, curators, writer, photographer, and organizer and artist and stellar gardener, respectively. Featured artists include: … Read More

Hotel Dada and the International Fluxfest 2020

(Mostly) unprecedented times leads to unprecedented actions. No different with the need and want to create. In the spirit of Fluxus, reflection and adaptation, response to and creation of absurdity and wonder, a few dozen international creatives met on Jitsi to share a score under five minutes. Most were live. Some were created and recorded for the event. A big … Read More

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Hello to you, from this all too infrequent blog post. I wanted to share some upcoming works that will be shown this weekend and share a bit more detail about one in particular.¬† Women’s Rights are Human Rights will be shown during SOFA Expo this weekend.¬† Also, TRUTH at Walnut Creek Farms will be shown as part of a show … Read More

Weather the Weather now Open!

Weather the Weather In collaboration with The Art Center Highland Park, Jennifer Dotson, founder of Highland Park Poetry and I, invite you to Weather the Weather – Artists and Poets respond to the Weather. Exhibit runs currently through March 1, 2019 Available for viewing during business hours, M-F 8a to 5p.¬† Christmas and New Years Day, closed. Photo: Ice Island … Read More


Art in the time of awfulness. Greetings to you. I wanted to share with you a social practice work title #FreeListening, that launched over Memorial Day Weekend with the annual Chicago Fluxfest. I have been taking notes on listening for awhile and I came across notes from 4-5 years ago.¬† I have been wanting to do a piece about listening … Read More

Tonight. Tomorrow. Ongoing. Forthcoming.

Tonight. ¬†Tomorrow. ¬†Ongoing. ¬†Forthcoming. Tonight ‚Ķin light of recent events, consider joining hundreds of Nasty Women and other rabble-rousers, for the first ever Chicago version of Nasty Women. ¬†Susan McBride, of Lillstreet Studios is the force behind this amazing event taking place this evening. ¬†All works sold will benefit Planned Parenthood. I am thrilled to donate ‚ÄúNasty with Brass Ovaries‚ÄĚ … Read More

Polar Vortex – One Year Later

Greetings.¬† Please, get a sweater.¬† Our winter isn’t over yet. I wanted to share images, thoughts, and even some video, from my 2014 Winter odyssey towards Buffalo, NY and the environments of the Great Lakes.¬† I was going to represent my work and the infancy of the Sewing Forgiveness piece, that was to be shown at the U of Buffalo … Read More

Updated Sewing Forgiveness: City of Chicago Schedule… upcoming

Hi there! A realization:¬† It has dawned on me, in recent weeks, from where the social practice works (in my art practice) have derived.¬† I have been working as a recreation therapist in long term care most of my adult life.¬† My role has been to engage people.¬† Either with each other, their environment/heart/mind, or those that visit (care partners, … Read More