Colorado Art Ranch: Residencies and Artposiums Galore

Hi All.  A year ago I started this blog because of my experience with Colorado Art Ranch(CAR)  and the residency in Salida, CO centered around water.  I became aware of CAR by an invitation to be a guest speaker at an Artposium in the Fall of 2009 in called Dinner Stories.  Grant Pound, the Executive Director found my work on … Read More

Take Me Back: An exploration of Water, Local Clay, and Time

During the Artposium Wade in the Water, I planted corn in the center of the piece with Corn Sister Carol Ozaki (pictured third from left below).  Pictured too are Carol’s husband Ron-L and Ed Berg-second from R. We planted Corn Sweet (se) Luscious Zea mays var rugosa. “Luscious is a bicolor corn that matures in 75 days – an advantage … Read More

Green Home Chicago

I have been home for a full week.  I am still in awe of the green. My garden is a rain forest compared to the environs of Colorado.  My perennials look gorgeous; the pond plants are robust with our goldfish thrilled that it is soon to be summer;  The Girls (our urban hens) clearly have enjoyed the spring salad that … Read More

Rain, Irrigation, Creatures of Salida

I had a day or two of little work outside because of rain, cold, and such.  Call me a wimp.  I did want to share a video taken at my work site.  The first is one of rafters going by in the cold, rain, and such and having a good time while I waited for the rain/wind to stop.   … Read More