Green Home Chicago

I have been home for a full week.  I am still in awe of the green. My garden is a rain forest compared to the environs of Colorado.  My perennials look gorgeous; the pond plants are robust with our goldfish thrilled that it is soon to be summer;  The Girls (our urban hens) clearly have enjoyed the spring salad that the yard can bring; the Witchhazel looks lovely and our heirloom rose was in full bloom;  It is raining now in fact… all over the laundry I have hanging outside.

My piece went along quite nicely along the banks of the Arkansas River.  I finished in good time to work on some mixed media works  back at the shared space.  I had many visitors on my last day and early evening of work on site.  Sue Keys, local artist visited along with Michelle Gapp, the owner of the property I am working.  What a treat!  I have greatly enjoyed working on my own out there with nothing but birds wondering what I am doing.  I was keenly aware of the rare plane above my head (may two the entire time).  Most heavenly really.  I know that I am noise sensitive but having no planes above my head was a huge bonus.

When I finished, about 6:30p I rec’d a phone call from fellow artists (C.Maxx Stevens and Hyeon Jung Kim) and a local guy, Shannon.  They had visited earlier and I was thirsty, winding down, and out of water.  They said “Wait there!  We have water for you!”  They arrived before sunset and they generously brought an entire Mexican food-t0-go along with beer, and we dined on the banks of the river as the sun went down.  I finally took my work shoes off (no shoveling dirt anymore) and ran my toes in the cool, cool water.  It was a grand way to celebrate the (mostly) completed work.

Here are some images from both visits that day…

More images, thoughts, and links to come.

Sue Keyes and Michelle Gapp visit my site

Hyeon on top of Shannon’s truck to get a good vantage. C. Maxx on the ground.

Shannon removed his shoes immediately. Delightful.

Shannon or Hyeon took this image for me from on top of the truck.

Our sunset picnic on the Arkansas in the shadow of Mt. Shavano

Sunset on Take Me Back: An exploration of water, local clay, and time