Haptic Studios Residency

Calling all writers, visual artists, arts administrators, and others with a creative spirit: please consider a stay in Haptic Studios Residency (HSR) for your next desired get away.

Creatives, kindly listen up:  Many creatives need a temporary space for short or longer periods of time.  Sometimes that space is in response to needing a fresh environment.  Sometimes there is a need to be free of distractions.  Sometimes the need is for a fresh view that may be inspiring, private, and afford a bit of breathing space.  Consider HSR for your next creative endeavor. 

Please note that creatives must consider their ability to negotiate 5 steps to lower level living/studio space.

Why Haptic Studios Residency Space?

I have dedicated a space in my home studio for others as it is a pretty big space that feels right to share. As a practicing artist for over two decades, I have found myself housing creatives over the years, for short and longer term periods, especially in the “Before Times.” My new to me space, since 2019, has afforded a dedicated space for creative endeavors. When I moved to this new home I have spent part of the pandemic preparing a space for others in a manner that would entice me. Might that be you? As we move so inexorably slowly towards endemic times, consider such a necessary indulgence for you.

Below are current photographs of the indoor spaces available through a Haptic Studios Residency .


Amenities of HSR exclusive to you include your own entrance and key, full bathroom, two single beds, refrigerator, stove/oven, coffee maker, toaster, filtered water on tap, and microwave. Think clean “urban barn” with a bit of quirkiness to it.

Shared resources include wifi, multiple table tops, variety of power tools, book press, vice, an occasional shared meal, laundry on site, and more! Did I say I have a canoe on a wheelie cart and the Chicago River is a divine five minute walk, with an accessible deck and launch?

Potential creative spaces to enjoy include landscaped garden with koi pond, outdoor seating, and potential for using a shared ceramic studio (off site) with coordination.

Other amenities include the beauty of River Park, nearly on the banks of the confluence of Chicago River North Branch and the Northshore Channel, grocery store within walking distance, and a variety of international restaurants within walking distance, to name just a few.

Finally, seasonal amenities include Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market a bike ride away, cross country skiing across the street, paved bicycle and walking path, Chicago River wood chip nature paths, and so much more.

images of the garden, River Park, Chicago River North Branch, and beyond.


Kindly inquire with me about your creative needs and financial ability.

Weekly stipend for food and occasional shared meals, if desired.

Access and public transportation:

Street parking available. 10/15 min walk to CTA Brown Line to Chicago Loop and museums, Divvy bike rental and Foster Avenue Bus are a 2 minute walk. 20 minutes, by car, to O’Hare Airport.

Consider Haptic Studios Residency

Consider a restorative, creative get away for you (one day, regular wkly potential, up to 30 days). Or, consider a small group of creatives for day use.

Artist and host, Catherine Schwalbe likes to say (regarding studio spaces)

“Art happens where the artist is.”

Watch for follow up post on my first Artist, Natalie Hinahara.

Direct inquiries to me at casbah3d@gmail.com. I look forward to talking with you!