Husband Paul visited for a couple of days.

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  1. Hi Cathy – I trust your safe & sound back in Chicago. I got to see your piece on Sunday when I went to pick up some aged manure from a friend down that road (for my garden). It still looks very cool – and the red bandanas mark it well.

    Great meeting you while you were in Salida! And I am sooo honored that you bought one of my pocket journals (without even knowing it was me). I hope you enjoy using it – and think of me often.

    All the best, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Yes, safe and sound back in Chicago. I can’t believe how green it is here!
      I love my bound book by you. It is lovely and handmade things are the most wonderful really. So glad to know that it is your work!
      Glad the piece is doing well. I miss it. I better update my blog or I will really get people snoring! All the best to you too Lisa, Cathi

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