Rain, Irrigation, Creatures of Salida

I had a day or two of little work outside because of rain, cold, and such.  Call me a wimp.  I did want to share a video taken at my work site.  The first is one of rafters going by in the cold, rain, and such and having a good time while I waited for the rain/wind to stop.   The river was running swiftly but not too deep.  Several rafts went by with school age children and an adult or two.


The second video is of an irrigation system going in a field for what looks like oats.  Out of view were several deer heading to the water for a drink.  The deer are pretty domesticated as they are seen every late afternoon and evening walking the Salida streets, sidewalks and yards of a fairly urban small town.  Below is a still image of the deer behind our workspace on Hwy. 50.


Some of you have already seen a still shot of my studio mate Apache but here he is…. eating again![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISQygXKMaF0]

Prep work for a piece.  Water, tilth, dirt, and clay – My 2010

Darling Mules of Salida at the base of Tenderfoot.

Strange Finned Creature – I love an Art Car!

5 deer visit the back of our studio looking for us.

My First Visitors – Lillie and her horse Ransom

Michael gets to see One Strange Thing for $1 at the Flea Market. My treat.