Take me Back: An exploration of water, local clay, and time

An update:

I have been working for a week outside along the Arkansas River.  A beautiful setting is an understatement.  The  proprietors of the land where I am digging, along Chaffee County 163, have been accommodating and wonderful.  Their horses have visited and I have especially enjoyed Apache – the Appaloosa.  I grew up with Appaloosas and I like to think it is my dad coming back to visit and cheer me on.  Jeff, the keeper said Apache is the most daring.  Sometimes he wades across the river when it is full and rushing nearly up to his back!

I worked out the formation of the pieces into a star burst pattern and the piece is coming along.  I can’t get too hooked on stability with the soil/clay as the wind and sun have cracked many of the pieces already.  I will make as long as I can every day until the Artposium 21-23 and be satisfied.  Most days have been sunny with a lot of wind when the afternoon comes around.  I know I have been breathing more deeply and that feels good.

I also learned a lot from Craig about fly fishing.  She was one of 50 women up and down the river on Saturday.

A Wilson Snipe can be added to the bird list I don’t keep.  A wonderful, long beaked bird along a creek nearby feeding into the river.