The ebb and flow of mending continues – Mosnart of Historic Pullman up next!

Thought I might share an update and information about my upcoming Visiting Artist event at Mosnart.

Before and After – Mending a life after a pandemic or some other catastrophic event in in your life, and my completed installation for Fermentation Fest 2021 titled: Mending Waters – Mending Soil – Mending Lives.

In my previous post, I shared some preliminary images from the first large stitches across Honey Creek at the historic Witwen Campground. Below, are some images while in progress and upon completion the stitches, throughout the two days of Fermentation Fest. It was such a pleasure to do this work “live” while people strolled in to the wonder of this venerable event in the Driftless Region, (or as my photo location states: Troy, Paleozoic Plateau). The inquiries, curiosity, apathy, empathy, and deep gratitude were responses I received throughout the weekend. Thank you Jay and Donna of Wormfarm, for your continued interest and support of my works.


Some notes on images: pictured one or two images in is Zane, a local, curious resident, who assisted for a bit on Day 2. He had some wonderful stories about growing up and living a few buildings away from Honey Creek. Also assisting is Sarah Butler, both by stitching the creek and documenting the work progress. Other photographs of me working were taken by visiting artist at Wormfarm, Hannah Taylor (also doing red stitching!). Thank you to you both! A special treat was a visit by dear friend from college (UW Milwaukee School of Fine Arts) and local resident, Kathy Koehl. So fun to share the work with her, too.

Mosnart Visiting Artist is up next and nobody is more excited than I am!

A much anticipated visiting artist stay at Mosnart in the historic Pullman community! JB Daniel’s venerable visiting artist space, lovingly restored Pullman employee flat, is made available to creatives, travelers, and even short term rentals for those in need of alternative living during a pandemic. You can see more images of the amazing, well appointed while spare, art filled, quarters for people like me and maybe you! I will be back to mending with people all weekend (following a private mending event held this past weekend in my own back yard!), during the Pullman Arts and Culture Fest It would be delightful to see you, hang out, mend a textile that you have in need of repair, fix a few worn spots, learn a fancy mending technique centered around the (ancient) trend of visible mending, and so much more. Most supplies will be supplied by me and so far most needs have been anticipated. Side note: please no zipper replacements. The options include you mending your piece. I could mend your piece. We both learn what your piece needs and we collaborate on the best way.

Before and After – Mending a life after a pandemic or some other catastrophic event in your life a Social Practice work will be conducted 11-4 Saturday and Sunday October 16 and 17th, 20201 at Mosnart’s back yard at 11319 S Saint Lawrence Avenue in the Historic Pullman Landmark District on Chicago’s far Southside.

Message me if you would like such an event at your home, gallery, alternative space. I have witnessed fun, connection, and deep gratitude for this gathering as we all negotiate life in the (not quite yet) after times.

A big thanks to Nicole Gotthelf (pictured below at Witwen and currently a Chicago resident) for reserving and then purchasing the first of the edition of 10 mending boxes! Here she is holding her box #1. As always, I appreciate her support and unequalled enthusiasm for artists and all things creati

Message me if you are interested in a Before and After Mending Box. Part art. Part function. Would love them to get into appreciative hands. Message me for details and happy to ship most anywhere.

Nicole Gotthelf, sporting her Before and After Mending Box at Witwen September 2021

Lastly, if you want to dig a little deeper into the Before and After works, consider listening to this interview conducted by the inimitable Nance Klehm for Lumpen Radio. I so appreciate her following my work and please know that part of the inspiration for this work was from Nance, who invited me to her home, to mend of course, many winters ago. Many thanks Nance. Interview here:


Thanks again dear reader, art appreciator, and friend.