Yes, another blog

Greetings from Salida, CO.

I am here for a one month residency under the umbrella of Colorado Art Ranch.  The theme for the residency and  3 Day Artposium is Wade in the Water.  All of those in residence here have made or will make works related to this hot prescient  topic.

I read yesterday in an Oregon Tilth – Water Issue from 2008 that  “Water doesn’t need us.  We need it.”

My project: Take Me Back – An exploration of water, local clay, and time

I am seeking local clay (or other packing substance when water is added) to make a repeated 3-D work from a mold I have brought with me from Chicago, IL and Lillstreet Art Center.  I am creating a work that will eventually be drawn back to the earth through wind, rain, and snow.

My art tools and supplies:  A plaster mold of a 30″ cob of corn.  A shovel.  Some hand tools and buckets.  A discarded wooden table.  Tarp.  Maybe water and straw.

This is an extraordinary experience for me to be here.  I think most good writing and art in a broad sense comes from the ordinary and every day.  Stick with me this month anyway.

Special thanks to Peggy Lawless and Grant Pound of Colorado Art Ranch.  It is a privilege to be here.